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In an amazing development, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner and Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, have both extended an invitation to Pope Francis to address Congress. 

From the moment that Pope Francis was elected as the new spiritual leader of the Catholic church, he has remained a constant presence in the news.  Affectionately called "The People's Pope", Francis has taken the world by storm as and has been solidified by the invitation that has been extended to him by leaders of two of the highest political authorities in the United States.  This makes a bold statement to people that Pope Francis should be respected both spiritually and politically.

In the book of Revelation we are presented with a beast (a kingdom) that wields a great deal of political and religious influence.  This entity we are told would cause the entire world will wonder after and admire its power and influence.  We are continuing to see this prophecy fulfilled with each passing day, and it is our prayer that you will continue to strengthen your walk with the Lord during these times.

Please click the link below to read an article from Time Magazine about this invitation extended to the Pope.

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